Dump Tubes, Diffusers, Silencers

Gotti is able to supply Control Valves Manufacturers with a portfolio of Valve Components.

Product Description:

  • Dump Tubes: used to reduce pressure & temperature + redirect the flow. Typical application is welded downstream the LP Bypass valves to reduce pressure to the condenser pressure. Sizes from DN 400 to DN5000.
  • Diffusers & Silencers: absorbing elements used to reduce noise generated by valves. Fabricated with different design (with linear or ring shaped baffles, with expansion chamber): they reduce noise though flow splitting or viscous friction .
  • Desuperheater Components: Outlets & Liners & Filters (welded tubes or perforated tubes used as internal components), Elliptical / Hemispherical Heads (hot or cold formed).

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Production: 100% in house production. 5 manufacturing departments fully dedicated, including Post Weld Heat treatment (PWHT) e Non Destructive Examination (NDE) , to control manufacturing process, time to market, cost impact.
  • Design Industrialization: ability to industrialize any product, verifying manufacturing feasibility / detecting weak spots / suggesting product optimizing to designer.
  • Alloy material in Stock: Gotti holds stock of Alloy Material (plates / pipes / flanges / bars) from 1st class European manufacturers, in order to offer fast deliveries and high quality components.