Desuperheater (Probe Style)

Gotti manufacturing portfolio includes Desuperheaters in various configuration. Gotti fabricate Probe Style Desuperheaters as per its client drawing and design (carbon or alloy steel up to grade 91).

Product Description:

  • In Power Plants, steam is more efficient when superheated. In heating or industrial processing, is more efficient when saturated. In those overheating processes, steam need to be controlled.
  • Desuperheaters are used to control & reduce the temperature of steam (without pressure reduction), injecting water into the steam flow.
  • Probe Style Desuperheaters have a compact design for mounting in space constrained situation. They are made by a Water Inlet Flange welded to the body (lance) in various length, with a Fixed or Variable Spray Noozle at the end of Body Extension.

Gotti Production Highlights :

  • Production: 100% in house production. 5 manufacturing departments fully dedicated, including Post Weld Heat treatment (PWHT) e Non Destructive Examination (NDE) , to control manufacturing process, time to market, cost impact.
  • Design Industrialization: ability to industrialize any product, verifying manufacturing feasibility / detecting weak spots / suggesting product optimizing to designers.
  • Alloy material in Stock: Gotti holds stock of non standard Alloy Material from 1st class European manufacturers (difficult to source on the market), in order to offer fast deliveries and high quality components.