Gotti is able to supply a portfolio of Fabricated Components in any steel grade, as subcontractor of other Power Gen Equipments Manufacturers.

Product Description:

  • Elliptical / Hemispherical Heads (hot or cold formed): end caps for pressure vessels, heat exchangers or severe service valves. Diameters up to 3 mtrs (single piece) or up to 10 meters (multiple pieces welded togheter). Thickness up to 200 mm.
  • Cones: pressed cones from plates (with weld seam), used as reduction from one tube size to another one. Diameters up to 10 mtrs.
  • Rolled Welded Pipes: bended plated with longitudinal welding. Diameters up to 6 meters, thickness up to 100mm.
  • Machined and Drilled Tubes: perforated tubes with a pattern of holes, used as filtration elements.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Production: 100% in house production,. 5 manufacturing departments fully dedicated, including Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) and Non Destructive Test (NDE) to control manufacturing process, time to market, cost impact.
  • Dimensions: ability to Fabricate components up to 24 meters with weight up to 18 tons.
  • Steel grades: ability to process any steel grade, with particular attention to Power Gen steel grades (alloy steel grades, duplex and superduplex).