Control & Regulation Valves

Gotti fabricates and assembles Control and Regulation Valves as subcontractor of main Valves Manufacturers (in particular for Severe Service and Critical Service Applications).

Product Description:

  • Control Valves are used to modulate flow of Steam or Water, inside Power Plants (Nuclear / Fossil Fired / Combined Cycle Power Plants) or Industrial Plants (Desalination Plants, Waste Incineration Plants, etc). Control & Regulation can be done in term of Pressure / Temperature / Level / Volume.
  • Depending on Scope, we have a great variety of control valves and among those:
    • Steam Conditioning Valves.
    •  Steam Attemperator Valves.
    • Steam Converting / Cooling Valves.
    • Turbine By Pass system (HP High Pressure / MP Medium Pressure / LP Low Pressure).
    •  Pressure Reducing Systems.
    • Spray Control Water System.
  • Body of Control Valves can be made with Forging or Casting or Welded Construction. The control can be designed with Globe or Angle or Z or T Configuration.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Production: Gotti is specialized in Fabrication of Welded parts + Machining of all Valves components + Assembly with Forging / Casting in order to supply a Finished Valves ready for mounting with Actuator and Final Testing.
  • Experience: Gotti reliability is based on more than 20 years experience on Critical Valves. More than 200 Severe Service HP regulation systems delivered per year.