Francis Turbines

Gotti fabricate Special Welded Equipments and Components for Francis Turbines, following our client design and specs.

Francis Turbines are used on rivers with medium flow rate & medium jump. Water flows though a spiral case with decreasing section to enter radial the Turbine Runner. Runner and along with diffuser absorb water water energy transforming it into rotation.

Product Description:

  • Spiral Case: fabricated ducts where water flows before entering the Runner - Runner & Diffuser of Francis Turbine: physical element transforming kinetic energy & water pressure into rotation of Turbine.
  • Stator Frame: containing the Rotor, need to minimize vibration and noise level.
  • Bearing Brackets: fabricated external structure of bearing, used as antifriction system of turbine axel.
  • Ducts / dampers / flaps / butterfly valves: assembled structures used to modulate water control.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Fabrication of Complex Product: up to 18 tons weight and 200 mm thickness, with hydraulic profile - Complete package supply: integrated fabrication (including PWHT + NDE), + qualified outsourced products and services (mechanical machining , pickling & passivation, painting) + packing and special transportation.
  • Excellence in Hot Forming and Cold Bending of Plates / Pipes / Welded Structures.