Fabricated Piping, Ducts & Dampers

Gotti fabricate Special Welded Equipments & Components, used inside Power Plants in Critical Conditions of Temperature & Pressure.

Product Description:

  • Ducts: connections to used in Power Plant for Steam Transportation at Critical Conditions.
  • Dampers: assembled or adjustable plate, used to control and modulate an air-flow. Heavy duty or Custom Dampers, Butterfly Dampers, in carbon, alloy or stainless steel.
  • Air Filters: Fabricated Structures used for Air Filtration.
  • Vent Silencers: elements designed to reduce the noise produced by the venting pressurized gas to the atmosphere (air, steam or other gases).

Gotti Production Highlights: 

  • - Complete package supply: integrated fabrication (including PWHT + NDE), + qualified outsourced products and services (mechanical machining , pickling & passivation, painting) + packing and special transportation.
  • Wallthickness: ability to weld & fabricate items up to up to 200 mm (all in house operation of cutting, welding and welding overlay, machining, heat treatment, NDE Testing).