Fabricated Piping

Gotti fabricate Special Piping and Fittings (high wall thickness, special alloy, fabricated with welded branch connection).

Product Description:

Piping systems to be used inside the Power Island

  • Fittings: Fabricated Tee, Barred Tee, Wyes, Lateral Tees , Header and Crosses(starting from Forging or Bended Plates) used in Power Plant for SteamTransportation at Critical Conditions.
  • Welded Pipes: Fabricated Longitudinal Welded Pipes starting from Plates (in any length);used to transport steam.
  • Manifolds: Fabrication of Special Manifolds, used in particular for Distribution of Steam.
  • Spectable Blind: Figure 8 (spade and spacer made from plate united by a welded handle), used in the middle of flanges to open and close the fluid passage.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  •  Wallthickness: ability to weld items up to up to 200 mm.
  •  Production: 100% in house production, with operation of welding, heat treatment, NDE Testing and Certification.
  •  WPS/PQR: more than 400 Welding Qualification in accordance to ASME / EN, in particular for Alloy Material (Gr.91/92.
  •  Weldoverlay / Cladding: in case required, capacity to carry out Anticorrosive Overlay on Wet Parts (Inconel steel) or Hardfacing (Stellite steel).