Kaplan Turbines

Gotti is specialized in Fabrication of Welded Equipments and Components for Kaplan Turbines, as per our client design and specs.

Kaplan Turbines are used on rivers with high flow rate with almost no jump. In Kaplan Turbines with Radial Design, the Inlet is a spiral case positioned around a distributor. Water enter radial the distributor changing its direction perpendicular to the propeller shape Runner, causing its rotation.

Product Description:

  • Spiral Case: fabricated ducts where water flows before entering the Distributor.
  • Distributor / Wicket Gate: physical element distributing water toward the Runner.
  • Runner Hub: main structures of the Runner, where are mounted the blades.
  • Stator Frame: containing the Rotor, need to minimize vibration and noise level.
  • Bearing Brackets: fabricated external structure of bearing, used as antifriction system of turbine axel.
  • Ducts / dampers / flaps / butterfly valves: assembled structures used to modulate water control.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Fabrication of Complex Product: up to 18 tons weight and 200 mm thickness, with hydraulic profile.
  • Complete package supply: integrated fabrication (including PWHT + NDE), + qualified outsourced products and services (mechanical machining, pickling & passivation, painting) + packing and special transportation.
  • Excellence in Hot Forming and Cold Bending of Plates / Pipes / Welded Structures.