Valves Construction + Welding Overlay

Gotti offers Welding services for Valves + Welding Overlay / Cladding Services for Valves, Piping and Downhole Equipments.

Product Description:

  • Valves: industrial valves are mechanical devices placed into piping systems, used to modulate and calibrate the flow (control valves) or to start / stop / perform emergency shudown of the flow (on / off valves).
  • Piping: with the word piping we refer to connecting line inside the industrial plant. Lines are usually made by pipes / elbows / flange welded togheter.
  • Downhole Equipments: all components used inside the oil / gas wells for its completation, at extreme depth, with high pressure / temperature / corrosive environment.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Welding of Pups on Valves & Flanges, FullyWelded Valves.
  • Wallthickness: ability to weld items up to up to 200 mm (all in house operation of welding, heat treatment, NDE Testing and Certification).
  • WPS/PQR: more than 400 Welding Qualification in accordance to ASME / EN, in particular for Alloy Material , Duplex and SuperDuplex.
  • Weldoverlay / Cladding: in case required, capacity to carry out Anticorrosive Overlay on Wet Parts (Inconel steel grade) or Hardfacing (Stellite steel grade).