Heat Exchangers Pressure Vessels

Gotti, on top of its standard production, can fabricated customized Pressure Equipment (Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers or Pressure Vessels) as per our client drawing and specification.

Product Description:

  • Heat Exchangers are Fabricated Equipments used in Power Plants and Petrochemical Complex, whenever is required heat exchange between two fluids.
  • Pressure Vessels are Containers used to hold gas or fluids (like LPG or PTA) at a different pressure from external one. A pressure vessel must withstand the rated pressure at all points around the surface of the vessel.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Dimensions: ability to Fabricate equipments up to 24 meters with weight up to 18 tons.
  • Steel grades: ability to weld any steel grade (from carbon to Stainless to Duplex) up to 200 mm wallthickness.
  • Qualifications: Gotti operators are qualified with ASME IX  / EN certification for both manual and automatic welding