Turbine Diffusers

Gotti fabricate Turbine Diffusers (aeroderivate) of different shape and dimension, in carbon and stainless steel, for OEM Gas Turbines manufacturers.

Product Description:

  • Inlet Gas Diffuser: positioned before the compressor section, slow the velocity of incoming air and convert it into pressure. It also changes the radial air flow direction to longitudinal flow before directing it into the combustion section.
  • Exhaust Gas Diffuser: positioned at the end of the compressor, expand air to atmospheric pressure avoiding  excessive residual thrust. Essential element to improve the Turbine efficiency, works at very high combustion temperatures.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  •  Experience with Metal Spinning .
  •  Excellence in Hot Forming & Cold Forming of Plates.
  •  Excellence in Hot Forming & Cold Bending of Plates / Pipes / Welded Structures