Steam turbines applications

From the beginning of our activity, we have been supplying the steam industry, providing Fabricated Valves for Steam Power Plant and Heat Exchange.


We are in particular Assembling Welding and Testing:

We supply complete System (from Procurement of Base Material to Component Manufacturing, Assembly, Painting & Final Testing) or Single Components (Body + Liners + Accessories).

Gotti Competitive Advantages are:

  • Integrated Production: Bending + Welding + Welding Overlay + Mechanical Machining + NDT + Heat & Surface Treatment all in-house.
  • Alloy Steel: Welding and Machining any type of Steel and specialization on Power Gen Steel grades (Low and High Alloy Steel up to grade 91/92 , Duplex, Superduplex).
  • New WPS Qualification: R&D on welding/ compatibility of different steel grades.

Sales References

We work in are partnership with main European Valve Manufacturers, Engineering Companies & End Users.

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