Butterfly Valves

Gotti is specialized in Fabrication of Elettrowelded Butterfly Valves (complete valve or valve components as body & disk), as per our client spec and drawing.

Production range cover all types of Welded Body Valves: typically Large sizes (up to 120”), both Triple Eccentric with Metal Seat or Double Eccentric with Soft Seat, in carbon, alloy or stainless steel.

Product Description:

  • Butterfly Valves are ON / Off valves used to Control Flow of Liquid under Pressure.
  • Butterfly Valves are used instead of Gate Valves (Buttefly Valves are easier to maintain, with reduced overall dimensions and Lighter Weight , Low Pressure Loss in Complete Open Position ).

Gotti Production Highlights: 

  • Sizes: ability to Fabricate any size (experience up to 120”) and steel grade (carbon or stainless).
  • Butterfly Valves Type: Triple Eccentric (with Metal Seat) or Double Eccentric (with Soft Seat).
  • Body Type: any style (Flanged Body, Lug / Wafer Body, Butt Welded Body).
  • Weldoverlay / Cladding: capacity to carry out Anticorrosive Overlay on Wet Parts (Inconel overlay) or Hardfacing (Stellite overlay).