Inlet / Exhaust Plenum

Gotti produces Inlet / Exhaust Plenum of different shape and dimension (up to 5 meters heights), in carbon and stainless steel, for OEM Gas Turbines manufacturers.

Product Description:

Inlet / Exhaust Plenum work in tough ordinary conditions (pressure and temperature) and possible extraordinary conditions (suddenly change of the temperature, calamity, heavy weight etc.). Conveying energy from access to discharge of Turbogas, Inlet / Exhaust Plenum are fundamental to ensure maximum efficiencies of Turbogas.

Gotti Production Highlights:

  • Complete package supply: integrated fabrication (including PWHT + NDE, mechanical machining, metal spinning technology, pickling & passivation, painting) + packing and special transportation.
  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: in alliance with qualified suppliers, Inlet / Exhaust Plenum can be supplied with internal thermal and acoustic insulation (product ready for installation in the machine).