Welding Overlay & Cladding

Hard Facing (HF) with Stellite grades or Corrosion Resistance Alloy (CRA) with Stainless Steel or Inconel grades

… Plating to ennoble materials...

This department is new entry in the family of Gotti. We shape and reinvent ourselves as per our client needs.

Operations & Services:

  • Welding Overlay / Cladding: Hard Facing (HF) and CorrosionResistanceAlloy (CRA) with Hot Wire,
  • Materials: HF with Stellite Gr.6-12-21, AISI 410, AISI 309 + CRA with AISI316, Inconel 625, Inconel 825,
  • Authomatic & semi-automatic welding with MIG / MAG, covering sizes from 2”. For smaller sizes, manual welding. Automatic recording of welding parameters,
  • WPS/PQR: more than 40 welding procedure, under development,
  • Additional Services: mechanical machining + NDT after overlay in order to supply 100% finished piece

Production Reports:

Along with production we can supply Welding Book with

  • WPS / PQR (including new Qualification development),
  • Welders certification,
  • Welding certification (parameters monitored and recorded),
  • Filler materials certification,
  • Dimensional control declaration,
  • Visual weld inspection declaration,
  • Non-destructive testing certification,
  • Third Party certification (when required).