Mechanical Machining

For Welding Preparation or Product Finishing. Milling / Turing / Boring CNC machines

… The added value of precision...

In order to reduce lead time & transportation, to increase quality control on the process, we carry out mechanical machining (welding preparation and finishing operation) in a Gotti dedicated department.

Operations & Services:

  • Turning (horizontal and vertical): sizes up to OD2500 x L2000,
  • Milling (horizontal): sizes up to Y=700 x X=1300 x Z=700,
  • Boring and Milling: sizes up to OD 110 x Y=1350 x X=2000 x Z=500 x W=900,
  • Total CNC Machines: 5 CNC.

Production Reports:

along with production we can supply

  • Dimensional control report.