1984- Giuseppe Gotti founded the company in his birth place, Sedrina (BG). "...even the longest journey start with the first step."

1990- New location: the company moves to Curno (BG). We begin Serving the Energy world.

2004- New location: the company moves to the present fabrication site in Mapello (BG). It takes shape the idea of an expansion.

2009- Adamo Gotti, son of Giuseppe, become the new Managing Director. The new generation takes the leadership of the company

2010- New Operation: the company open a new department, Milling & Turning Machining. New Qualification: the company acquire ISO9001 certification. "... Quality in Products and in Documentations."

2011- New Qualification: the company acquire AD2000HP0 and ISO3834-2 certifications

2012- New Operation: the company invest in the new department Heat and Surface Treatment.

2014- New Operation: the company add a new department Weldoverlay / Cladding Services. The company production site is now 3500 sqm  covered area + 1500 sqm open area, the company counts now on more than 30 employees. "...new challenge, new equipments, new skills. We shape and reinvent ourselves as per our client needs."